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Affiliate marketing is usually defined as a referral program that gives commissions to those who fruitfully refer a probable client.

With the advancement in technology and changes in user behavior, the way we gather and analyze data should also change. Due to its multi-fold benefits such as analyzing sources of traffic, information of customers website bounce rate and understanding traffic flow, and ease of implementation, most of the marketing facing businesses use Google Analytics to understand the role that their apps and websites play in the overall business goals.
However, there is a need to understand that Google Analytics is not just a copy-paste solution; a strategic implementation is truly needed to reap the real benefits of this brilliant tool by Google.

Dashboard Setup

To grow your business, tracking the website performance is very crucial. KPI’s that should be measured on a real-time basis are website traffic source, traffic region, new users vs. returning users, Conversion Tracking, Event tracking, Goal completion and many more. We at Inbound Meter understand the importance and usefulness of tracking different KPI’s. We offer Analytics services to our clients who face difficulty in tracking their website performance.

Goal Setting

It is again important to know what action people are taking when they are on your website. Actions such as File Downloads, Video Plays, Clicking on Social Media icons, clicking on any hyperlinks etc. Goal setting will enable you to track the performance of different elements on your site and how they are driving a user to convert into a customer.

Conversion Optimization

A system of increasing the percentage of visitors to your website and converting them into customers. You might be working with a budget and aim to get most out of it. But for that, you need to know what is actually working and what is not. Inbound Meter gives you everything you need to dig deep into the data so you can get the most out of your insights.

Event Tracking

A user interaction/activity with a web page element (might be videos/ gadgets/ podcast/ image/ button etc) being tracked in Google Analytics is termed as Event Tracking. There is a lot that happens beyond a page load which is very valuable for perfecting a digital marketing campaign. This is where more detailed event tracking comes in. At Inbound Meter we give you a way to drill down on meaningful actions done by the user on your website.


It’s very important to position your brand among your targeted audience. Remarketing plays an important role in getting more conversions. With the help of Google Analytics, you can track all the user’s activities on your website.
Integrating your Adwords campaign with analytics is not an easy task.

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